Touch simulation

Step 1, creating a stackup

See tutorial 1, the basics

Step 2, add a touch probe

Click Enable touch probe to add a touch probe to your stackup.

Drag the probe over the button you want to simulate.

You can also modify the size of the touch probe, and if it should touch directly on the top layer, or hover above to simulate a proximity button.

Click to magnify.

Step 3, run the simulation

This step is the same is in tutorial 1. If you need to simulate a mutual touch button, you only need to select one of the electrodes for simulation, as all mutual couplings to this electrode will always be simulated.

Step 4, inspect the results

The capacitance without touch is in the left column, and the capacitance with touch in the right.

To see the results as a change in capacitance, enable the Device profile and select Show delta cap. on touch.

See also the user guide.

Click to magnify.

Remember to check the uncertainty for the results of interest. To decrease the uncertainty, re-run the simulation with a higher iteration count.

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