Get CapExt

To download CapExt, press the button below.

Download CapExt v1.4

Please note that you need a valid license in order to run CapExt.

If you want evaluate or buy CapExt, please contact us.


Run the file CapExt_v1.4_setup.exe

On startup, the license manager will open and prompt for a license file. Browse to and the license file you have received.

Run CapExt from the start-menu.

Please see the User Guide for information on how to get started with CapExt. If you have any questions or encounter any bugs, please contact us by email.

For a simple example to get started with CapExt, you can download and open, this is an example of a 2 layer board with plated vias, based on gerbers from the Freeduino project.

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