Make better PCBs

Get it right the first time. Reduce your prototyping and engineering costs with CapExt

Easy to use, accurate and fast capacitance extractor/simulator for PCBs and touch screens

Simulate any layout from Gerbers or DXF files

Simulate capacitive touch

The powerful simulation core in CapExt can simulate arbitrarily complex layouts for both simple touch buttons and complex touch screens

Only three steps required: import Gerbers or DXF files, add a touch probe and run the simulation

Use advanced features such as multiple pre configured touch controllers from multiple vendors, edit your sensors directly inside CapExt and simulate driven shields

Made for electrical engineers

Runs on all modern computers, easy to use, and you don't need a degree in physics to get the simulations you need, CapExt accepts all PCB and ITO layouts

Reduce cross talk and noise, optimize parasitic capacitances, extract resistance and calculate cutoff frequencies

Edit your layouts directly within CapExt to achieve optimum performance

Robust waterproof designs

CapExt is the only capacitance simulator that can accurately simulate the effect of water on your designs

Test everything from a few small water droplets to heavy rain, with or without driven shield

Optimize your layout and algorithms for water robustness before you make the first prototype

Multiple touches at once

Simulate a whole grid of touches in just a few minutes with the built in area touch functionality

Quickly check which x-y positions will report as a touch, investigate the linearity of your sliders or touch surfaces, and visualize how water will affect your touch design

With our powerful simulation backend, CapExt can easily simulate a 32x32 grid of independent touches in under a minute, or a 100x100 grid in under 15 minutes on most computers

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