Easy to use, fast and physically accurate capacitance extractor/simulator for PCBs

Core benefits

Easy to use

With CapExt, characterizing the capacitances of a stackup is easy.

Import Gerbers or image files into CapExt, configure the stackup, select which nets to simulate with an intuitive graphical 3D representation of the board, and run the simulation. Read out the results within CapExt or export them as a CSV-file.

Get it right the first time

Reduce noise, optimize your on-board capacitors and signal lines, and even characterize your capacitive touch designs before you send your Gerbers for production.

With CapExt, you can shave months of your development cycle by reducing the time spent re-spinning prototype boards to fix capacitance related issues.

Unlimited simulations

Because of the technology used, there are virtually no limitations on the size or complexity of the system analyzed. A complex 32 layer design with thousands of conductors can easily be simulated on an ordinary PC.

This enables you to capture capacitive effects from the whole system when designing for example touchscreens or sensitive analog circuits.

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Example from the Freeduino project. A two-layer board with vias, where we simulate the capacitances from two conductors to all other conductors on the board.