Make better PCBs

Get it right the first time. Reduce your prototyping and engineering costs with CapExt

Easy to use, accurate and fast capacitance extractor/simulator for PCBs

Capacitance extraction / simulation software for electrical engineers

Easy to use

Easy to use

Characterizing the capacitances of a stackup has never been easier

Import Gerbers, configure the stackup with an intuitive graphical 3D representation of the board, and run the simulation

Less errors, faster time to market

Reduce time to market

Minimize noise, optimize your on-board capacitors and signal lines

Characterize your capacitive touch designs before you make the first prototype

Bold new designs

Make bold new designs

Create smaller and thinner pcbs

With accurate capacitance estimations, compact and thin designs, such as for wearables, are much easier to achieve

features for simulating capacitive touch

Capacitive touch made easy

  • Test new sensor configurations in a virtual environment
  • Use the virtual finger to simulate touch and swipe
  • Improve signal quality and reduce noise
  • Use CapExt's scripting and batching functionality to easily evaluate hundreds of different configurations

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